Bismid whitening cream review

Bismid lotion review

For a swift skin brightening experience, opt for Bismid cream. Within two weeks I witnessed a transformative shift to a lighter complexion, even on tough areas like knees, elbows, and knuckles, achieving uniformity. This cream not only exfoliated my skin for a fresh skin layer but it also possesses cleansing prowess, eliminating surface dirt and … Read more

Top 10+ Nivea Creams for Bright Skin in Nigeria


Discover the finest selection of Nivea creams tailored for fair skin in Nigeria. Nivea, a globally recognized skincare brand, is celebrated for its diverse range of premium products catering to various skin types. Among their coveted offerings are creams renowned for enhancing skin health and radiance. In the challenging climate of Nigeria, where skin faces … Read more

Cacatin Hair Cream

Cacatin Hair Cream

I used Cacatin hair cream to clear dandruff and get rid of the lice on my hair. In early 2018, dandruff really dealt with me. It wasn’t even those tiny flakes that are almost invisible; it was those large, ugly, disgusting yellow ones. Dandruff can be very annoying and hard to get rid of. Dandruff … Read more

10 CT plus Cream Side Effects

10 CT+ cream side effects

CT plus cream made my legs and ankles bleach terribly. CT plus is marketed as a “lightening” cream, but in reality, it’s just a bleaching cream and contains skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone, which is very bad for the skin. CT+ is made by Dream Cosmetics in Ivory Coast. I got introduced to this cream … Read more

Veet Gold Face Cream (Side effects)

Veet Gold Face Cream Review

Veet Gold face cream cleared my hyperpigmentation and gave my skin a smoother, younger, and fresher texture. The work of Veet Gold is to clear black spots, get rid of hyperpigmentation, help repair damaged skin, clear large pores on susceptible areas of the skin like the nose and chin, and smoothen the skin’s texture, making … Read more