Does Aquaphor make your eyelashes grow?

Oh yes, that Tiktok hack. I watched a particular Tiktok where applying aquaphor to your lashes was supposedly meant to make it grow longer. Anyway, I’ve always been insecure about my short lashes and I’m open to almost anything that would make my eyelashes grow, provided it isn’t harmful or dangerous. The hard part now … Read more

Open Eye Eyelash Extension

Open eye eyelash extension

What are open eye eyelash extensions? Open eye eyelash Extensions are a type of beauty enhancement technique where individual synthetic lashes are applied to your natural lashes to create a fuller, longer, and more defined lash look. The goal of open eye eyelash extensions is to accentuate and emphasize the eyes, giving them a more … Read more

Fox Eye Lash Extensions

Fox eye lash extensions

Fox Eye Lash Extensions are a popular beauty treatment that enhances the length, volume, and curl of natural eyelashes. This procedure involves attaching individual synthetic or mink lashes to your existing lashes, resulting in a fuller and more glamorous look. With proper care, Fox Eye Lash Extensions can last several weeks, making them a convenient … Read more

Squirrel Eyelash Extension

Squirrel eyelash extension is a relatively newer and premium option in the world of eyelash enhancements. It can be created with mink lashes or synthetic, making it a cruelty-free choice. The delicate and fine texture of mink hair is best for this eyelash extension style, as it closely resembles human eyelashes, giving them a distinct … Read more

Volume Eyelash extension

Volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extension is a type of eyelash extension technique that involves applying multiple ultra-fine synthetic lashes to each natural lash. Unlike classic eyelash extensions, which involve applying one synthetic lash to each natural lash, volume extensions create a more dramatic and fuller look. The individual synthetic lashes used in volume extensions are extremely lightweight … Read more

Wet lash eyelash extensions: How map it!!

Nigerian singer, Ayra Starr with the wet lash eyelash extensions

 Wet lash eyelash extensions refer to a specific type of lash extension that is designed to look like they’ve been dipped into water. Ever seen a baby’s long eyelashes immediately after bath? It’s usually wet and held tightly together as if in groups. Like in the photo below: Wet eyelash extensions are made from a … Read more

Does Micellar Water Remove Eyelash Glue?

Can micellar water remove eyelash glue

    Can Micellar water remove eyelash glue? Micellar water is not specifically designed to remove eyelash glue, and its effectiveness in doing so can vary depending on the type and strength of the glue used. While micellar water can effectively remove makeup and surface impurities, it may not be sufficient to completely dissolve and … Read more

Blonde Eyelash Extensions

Blonde Eyelash Extensions

  What are Blonde Eyelash Extensions? Blonde eyelash extensions refer to eyelash extensions that are designed to match the color of blonde hair. These extensions are typically made from synthetic or natural materials and are applied to the natural lashes using a semi-permanent adhesive. The goal of blonde eyelash extensions is to enhance the natural … Read more

Doll Eyelash Extensions

Doll Eyelash Extensions

Doll eyelash extensions are a type of eyelash extension that are created by fixing shorter lashes in the cornea and corner of the eyes. While the lashes in the middle of the eyelid is longer. These extensions typically involve applying individual lashes to the natural lashes, in order to add length and volume. The technique … Read more