Bismid whitening cream review

For a swift skin brightening experience, opt for Bismid cream. Within two weeks I witnessed a transformative shift to a lighter complexion, even on tough areas like knees, elbows, and knuckles, achieving uniformity. This cream not only exfoliated my skin for a fresh skin layer but it also possesses cleansing prowess, eliminating surface dirt and dead cells, leaving my skin radiant.

Bismid lotion review


Moisturizing capabilities prevent skin dryness, making it a top-notch choice, priced between #6,000 to #6,500. Be cautious of counterfeit products; purchase from reputable sources.


Benefits of Bismid Cream

1. Skin Lightening: Bismid ensures uniform skin lightening, especially on tough areas, promoting a smooth, glowing complexion.

2. Sunburn and Dark Spot Removal: Effectively clears sunburn and dark spots while cleansing the skin pores.

3. Combat Various Skin Issues: Addresses concerns like melasma, freckles, dark heads, and pimples within two weeks, delivering noticeable positive changes.

4. Skin Moisturization: Conserves skin moisture, preventing dryness, and maintains skin freshness.


Side Effects of Bismid lotion

1. Sweating: Excessive sweating may occur; stay in well-ventilated areas.

2. Discoloration: Dark skin users may experience temporary discoloration; if persistent, discontinue use.


How to Use Bismid lotion

Apply a small amount to clean hands and gently rub onto the skin during cooler hours for optimal results.


Ingredients in Bismid Whitening lotion

Water, Licorice Extract, Vitamin C, Betula Alba, Tilla, Sodium Lactate, Rubufructicosus, Citrus Limonum, Aspergillus, and Fragrance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bismid lotion

1. Hydroquinone Content? No, Bismid cream does not contain hydroquinone.

2. Bleaching Properties? No, it is not a bleaching cream.

3. Suitability for Fair Skin? Yes, it is suitable for fair skin and other types.

4. Effectiveness? Bismid cream is highly effective, providing skin lightening and smoothness.


Bismid Whitening Lotion Price in Nigeria

Bismid cream is priced between #1,500 to #2,000 in Nigeria.


Where to Buy Bismid Lotion

Buy in authentic retail stores close to you or check Google for online stores.


Other Types of Bismid Lotions

1. Bismid Egyptian whitening milk

Bismid Egyptian half cast whitening milk
Bismid Egyptian half cast whitening milk



Bismid pure white Egyptian magic white
Bismid pure white Egyptian magic white



Bismid whitening butter glow
Bismid whitening butter glow



Bismid maximum whitening
Bismid maximum whitening


5. Bismid

Glutathione maximum whitening
Glutathione maximum whitening

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