Cacatin Hair Cream

I used Cacatin hair cream to clear dandruff and get rid of the lice on my hair. In early 2018, dandruff really dealt with me. It wasn’t even those tiny flakes that are almost invisible; it was those large, ugly, disgusting yellow ones. Dandruff can be very annoying and hard to get rid of. Dandruff is a common scalp condition characterized by the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It often results in white or yellow flakes, which may be accompanied by itching. While the exact cause can vary, factors like yeast overgrowth, dry skin, skin conditions, stress, and a weakened immune system. I used Cacatin hair treatment to cure the dandruff that caused me embarrassment. In this article, I’ll give a detailed review of how I managed to do it. I also used Cacatin hair treatment to kill the lice on my head that I contracted from my school’s hostel the next year. Cacatin is super effective, and I recommend it to anyone having scalp issues.

Cacatin Hair Cream
Cacatin Hair Cream


What is Cacatin Hair Treatment?

Cacatin hair treatment is a hair cream formulated and enriched with ingredients that will coat and protect your hair strands, making it healthy and strong. It is manufactured by Layus Investment Limited, Cacatin Roadmosan Bus Stop, Illape, Lagos, Nigeria. It is a proudly made in Nigeria product. It was started in 1997 and was a brewery/distillery before diversifying into producing beauty products.

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Is Cacatin Hair Cream Good for Dandruff?

Yes, Cacatin is very good for dandruff. It contains ingredients like pyrithione zinc, ketoconazole, and selenium sulfide, which are active ingredients. These active ingredients in hair creams work in different ways to combat dandruff:

1. Sulphur: Local sulfur is sometimes used to address dandruff or other scalp issues, but its role in promoting hair growth is not well-established.

2. Pyrithione Zinc: It helps reduce the growth of the yeast-like fungus Malassezia, which can contribute to dandruff. It also has antibacterial properties, promoting a healthier scalp.

3. Ketoconazole: This antifungal agent targets the overgrowth of fungi on the scalp, including Malassezia. It helps to control the growth of these organisms and reduce dandruff.

4. Selenium Sulfide: It slows down the growth of skin cells and reduces the Malassezia fungus. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate itching and irritation associated with dandruff.


Does Cacatin Hair Cream Kill Lice

Yes, Cacatin hair cream designed to eliminate lice often contains specific active ingredients that are effective against lice. Common ingredients include:

1. Permethrin: It’s a synthetic insecticide that is effective against lice. It works by disrupting the nervous system of the lice, ultimately leading to their death.

2. Pyrethrin: This is a natural insecticide derived from chrysanthemum flowers. It works in a similar manner to permethrin by affecting the nervous system of lice.

3. Malathion: This is another chemical that is effective against lice. It works by inhibiting the activity of the lice’s nervous system.

4. Ivermectin: While more commonly used in oral medications, ivermectin is sometimes included in topical formulations to treat lice infestations.

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Cacatin Hair Cream, How to Use

For Dandruff:

Here is how I used Cacatin to get rid of my dandruff; I combined it with hypo and hot water to be more effective.

Things you need:

– Cacatin hair treatment

– Hypo

– Hot water

– Shower cap


1. Wash hair normally with soap or pocket

2. Pour hot water on hair and empty two sachets of hypo on your water

3. Do not dry yet

4. Divide hair into sections and apply Cacatin

5. Cover with a shower cap and leave for an hour

6. After all this, comb your hair and pack it in your desired style; the dandruff will disappear forever.

For Lice Treatment:

And the following year, I used Cacatin to kill the head lice on my head, and here’s how I achieved it with the help of the hair stylist;

Things you need:

– Relaxer

– Shower cap

– Comb or nitpicker

– Cacatin

– Hot water

– Shampoo or soap to wash hair

– Head tie


1. Relax the hair

2. Wash the hair with hot water or soap and shampoo

3. Use the comb or nitpicker to comb it

4. Divide the hair into sections and apply Cacatin

5. Cover with a shower cap and tie with a head tie to secure it

6. After two hours, apply more Cacatin and cover the shower cap

7. Repeat for one day (apply every two hours), then the next day, comb out the dead lice.


Cacatin Hair Cream Price

Cacatin hair cream costs just 500, but prices may differ based on where you stay.

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Cacatin Hair Cream Ingredients

0.4mg Shea Butter, 0.1mg Honey, 0.1 Local Sulphur, 10mg Caca Leaf, 10mg Caca Bark, Permethrin, Pyrethrin, Malathion, Ivermectin, Pyrithione Zinc, Ketoconazole.


Is Cacatin Good for Hair Growth?

Yes, Cacatin is good for hair growth. It contains ingredients that can make the hair grow like Shea butter and honey, which are commonly believed to promote hair moisture and health. However, there’s limited scientific evidence on their direct impact on hair growth.



In conclusion, Cacatin hair cream proves to be a versatile solution for common hair issues, excelling in both dandruff control and lice elimination. Its active ingredients, including pyrithione zinc, ketoconazole, and selenium sulfide, combat dandruff effectively, providing relief from itching and promoting a healthier scalp. For lice treatment, Cacatin incorporates ingredients like permethrin, pyrethrin, malathion, and ivermectin, ensuring a comprehensive approach to lice elimination.


The detailed instructions for using Cacatin for dandruff and lice treatment offer a practical guide for those seeking an effective solution. The incorporation of natural ingredients like Shea butter and honey not only addresses specific hair concerns but also contributes to an overall perception of improved hair health.



While Cacatin’s positive impact on hair growth is acknowledged, you should know that scientific evidence supporting this claim is limited. Nevertheless, the combination of ingredients known for promoting hair moisture suggests additional benefits beyond specific hair concerns.


In the realm of hair care, Cacatin emerges as a reliable choice, addressing a spectrum of issues with a blend of active and natural ingredients. For those navigating dandruff, lice, and overall hair health challenges, Cacatin stands as a noteworthy contender, offering an accessible and effective solution for diverse hair care needs.

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