Veet Gold Face Cream (Side effects)

Veet Gold face cream cleared my hyperpigmentation and gave my skin a smoother, younger, and fresher texture.

The work of Veet Gold is to clear black spots, get rid of hyperpigmentation, help repair damaged skin, clear large pores on susceptible areas of the skin like the nose and chin, and smoothen the skin’s texture, making it younger and fresher.

Once I discovered the secret to using Veet Gold face cream properly, all my skin issues were gone, and I’m still grateful to the cosmetic salesgirl at Spar for recommending it to me.

Veet Gold Face Cream Review
Veet Gold Face Cream Review


Is Veet Gold face cream a sunscreen?

Veet Gold face cream is not a sunscreen on its own, but it contains sunscreen (SPF 18). So you can use it in the daytime under the sun without worrying about it causing sunburns. You can still use it with sunscreen because there’s no such thing as too much sunscreen.


Can I use Veet Gold face cream at night?

Yes, you can use Veet Gold face cream at night. It doesn’t matter what time you use it; it still works effectively.


Does Veet Gold face cream lighten the skin?

Yes, Veet Gold face cream lightens the skin. When I used it, it lightened the skin on my face. It also contains skin-lightening agents like carotene (Veet Gold Facial Whitening Cream with Carrot oil) and turmeric, a natural skin-lightening agent (Veet Gold Facial Whitening Cream with Turmeric).

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How to know the original Veet Gold face cream

1. An original Veet Gold face cream purchased from a cosmetic or drugstore should have a NAFDAC scratch and reveal number on it, which can be sent to a phone number written on the packet to confirm if it’s real or fake.

2. Check for the consistency of the cream inside the container. Make sure it doesn’t have grits and is smooth and creamy.


Veet Gold Face Cream Side Effects

Veet Gold face cream may have side effects, which include:

1. Sunburns

2. White spots on the face

3. Hyperpigmentation

4. Contact dermatitis

5. Acne/pimples.

Note that I didn’t experience any of these when I used the cream, but all skins are not the same, and these are from some people who have used the face cream and gotten bad results, and of course, they are the minority.


Veet Gold Face Cream Price

Veet Gold face cream costs about ₦2,000 only. So it’s quite cheap and affordable for most people. It used to be ₦1,300 earlier this year, but Tinubu happened.


Veet Gold Face Cream: How to Use:

Most people don’t use this cream well, and when it doesn’t work for them, they go to Facebook to complain about how the cream doesn’t work for them. Here’s how to use Veet Gold face cream properly:

1. Use it after a clean bath.

2. Apply it to different areas on the face, then blend them together instead of rubbing it on the palms.

3. If you want to use it to clear spots, apply it only where you see the spots.

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Veet Gold Face Cream Review
Veet Gold Face Cream Review

Is Veet Gold face cream for oily skin?

No, it isn’t. If you have oily skin, don’t use it, or use it sparingly for positive results.


Veet Gold Face Cream Ingredients:

– SPF 18

– Arbutin

– Carrot oil

– Vitamin A

– Liquorice

– Aloe

– De-ionized water

– Vitamin C

– Glycerol

– Ginseng



In conclusion, Veet Gold Face Cream has proven to be a valuable addition to skincare routines, offering a range of benefits from clearing hyperpigmentation to providing smoother, younger-looking skin. It is essential to use it correctly for the best results, and the addition of SPF 18 makes it a versatile choice for daytime use. While it may not be suitable for oily skin types, its affordable price and the availability of genuine products with NAFDAC verification make it an accessible option for many. However, it’s worth noting that like any skincare product, Veet Gold Face Cream may have side effects for some individuals, so it’s essential to monitor your skin’s response.

The decision to incorporate this cream into your regimen should be made based on your specific skin needs and goals, and with proper usage, it can contribute to a fresher, more youthful complexion.

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