Hawaii Soap Review (How to Know Original)

Hawaii herbal whitening soap made my light-skinned customer fresher.

Hawaii herbal whitening soap is more suited for people with fair skin. Though people with any complexion can use it, from experience, the effects of the cream are most visible on fairer skins.

When I first saw this Hawaii soap, I was watching Big Brother Naija, and the ad came on TV. At first, I wasn’t interested in it because I thought it was only for fair people. It sounded foreign, and only light-skinned women were used to advertise the soap. My yellow pawpaw friend tried to get me to use the soap because it was working wonders on her skin. Her skin looked brighter and healthier. But I refused. However, one day I slept over at her house and, for the four days I stayed there, I used her soap (Hawaii herbal gold) because I had forgotten to carry mine.

Long story short, I enjoyed using the soap very much. Not only did it make my skin fresher, but I loved the fragrance. In the bathroom, it felt like I was walking amongst tropical flowers. Because of how good Hawaii Herbal Gold was, I decided to try Hawaii Papaya Calamansi. Even though the soap is promoted as a skin lightening soap, it didn’t lighten my skin. It just gave my skin a nice glow. But you must note that it’s not this way for everyone. A woman I know on Facebook used the Hawaii Papaya Calamansi and Hawaii Carrot soap and claimed it lightened her skin so she had to stop using it immediately.

If as a dark to brown-skinned person you’re not comfortable with this, then don’t use the soap, but I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to use it.

Anyway, I will get into detail about the soaps below and answer questions you may have about these wonderful soaps.

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Hawaii Papaya Calamansi
Hawaii Papaya Calamansi


Is Hawaii a Lightening Soap?

Yes, it lightens the skin, but it doesn’t lighten everyone’s skin as we all have different skin types. On the packet of the soap, it is written that it lightens and whitens the skin. What I really think Hawaii soap does is that it prepares and cleanses your skin properly for your cream to be properly absorbed into your skin.


What does Hawaii soap do to the skin?

Hawaii soap exfoliates and brightens the skin; it can also clear spots on your face and fight pimples.


Which Hawaii soap is best for lightening?

Hawaii Papaya Calamansi and Hawaii Carrot Soap are best for lightening the skin because they contain papaya and carrot, which contains carotene, which is a natural skin lightener. If you really want to lighten your skin, then I recommend you use it in addition to White Secret Lotion to make it more effective.

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Does Hawaii soap brighten the skin?

Yes, Hawaii soap brightens the skin due to the ingredients present in it that promote skin lightening.


Hawaii soap benefits

Here are some of the benefits of this amazing soap:

1. It clears up acne: if you’re a light-skinned person with acne-prone skin, then Hawaii soap is definitely recommended for you.

2. It clears oily skin: When used, Hawaii soap has a drying effect on the skin. So it’s very good for people with oily skin.

3. It has antibacterial effects: Hawaii soap is high in Triclocarban, an antibacterial agent used in soaps.

4. It may lighten and whiten your skin: For some people, this is actually a benefit. Hawaii soaps contain kojic acid, carrot, papaya, and other herbal extracts that can help lighten the skin.

5. It is suitable for all skin types (As written on the packet).


Hawaii soap side effects

1. It may bleach your skin, especially if you’re a dark-skinned or brown-skinned person.

2. It may cause allergic reactions.

3. It may cause itching due to the strong acidic ingredients in the soap.

4. It may cause contact dermatitis.

Hawaii Herbal Gold
Hawaii herbal gold


Does Hawaii soap bleach the skin?

Yes, prolonged use may cause skin bleaching.


Hawaii soap price in Nigeria

Hawaii soap price ranges from ₦1000 to ₦1500. Prices may differ based on location.


How to Know Original Hawaii Soap?

SMELL: For the Hawaii Papaya Calamansi soap, the smell of the original is like pawpaw, but the smell of the fake is sharper and doesn’t smell like pawpaw.

APPEARANCE: For the Hawaii premium Herbal Gold soap, once you open the package and notice it is dark brown or a darker brown than the original, discard it as it may be fake.

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USE: If you use the Hawaii soap and notice it causes allergic reactions like hotness of the face, itching, unusual acne, stop use and discard it as it may be fake.


Is Hawaii Papaya Soap good for fair skin?

Yes, it is an excellent choice for people with fair skin. It is very friendly to fair skin. It leaves your skin looking brighter and more radiant than ever. It also contains ingredients like papaya and kojic acid which lighten the skin.


Is Hawaii carrot soap good for fair skin?

Yes, Hawaii carrot soap is great for fair skin. Carrot is a natural skin lightening agent. So, as a fair person, it helps you maintain your complexion and lightens your skin.


How does Hawaii Carrot soap work?

It works by exfoliating and brightening the skin. It enhances the texture of the skin, leaving it nice, smooth, and supple.


Can Hawaii soap clear eczema?

While it’s not been proven that Hawaii soap can clear eczema, it may clear a wide range of skin reactions.


Which of the Hawaii soap is best for pimples?

I will recommend the Hawaii premium Herbal Gold soap for pimples because I’ve personally used it, and it cleared my pimples. I also recommend it because it contains herbal extracts that may be effective against pimples and acne.


Is Hawaii soap cheap or expensive?

I would say it’s mid-range; it’s not that expensive. If you earn about ₦10,000 and above a month, then you can definitely afford it. And it can last a whole month if used well.


Does Hawaii have body cream?

No, Hawaii Nigeria does not have any body cream on sale in Nigeria at the moment. They may release someday, but for now, there’s none.


Is there fake Hawaii soap?

Yes, there are lots of fake Hawaii soaps in the market, so one needs to be careful and follow the steps to identifying a fake Hawaii soap I wrote above.


Who are the makers of Hawaii soap?

Hawaii soap is made by Evans Industries Nigeria Limited, located at 2 Acme Crescent, off Acme Road, Ogba industrial area, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos State. They also make well-known soaps in Nigeria like: Blossom, Eva, Gino Beauty, Meditol, and Unik.

Hawaii carrot soap
Hawaii carrot soap


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