JRA Foundation Body and Face Cream (Side Effects)

JRA face cream gave me white spots on my face and bleached my skin but it cleared my skin of pimples.

Before we get started, JRA is a skin lightening cream made in Ghana, and it has gained popularity as a cream that “corrects your complexion” (clears dark spots and other skin insensitivities).

One thing I’ve noticed about these face creams in Nigeria is that they bleach the skin even when they are marketed as “skin lightening.” I didn’t really enjoy using the cream because I didn’t know how to use it and I’m here to help you avoid this mistake. But I loved using the soap.

JRA body cream was quite the opposite. It gave my skin a nice glow, though I used it for only two weeks. The fragrance was also nice and mild. But the face cream just didn’t cut it for me. Most times, after applying the face cream, I experience itchiness on my face. I recommend JRA body cream, but you can still try out the face cream because our skins are different. What may work for you may not work for me.


What does JRA Cream do to the face?

JRA face cream lightens/bleaches your facial skin and clears spots and pimples on your face. It also clears hyperpigmentation on your face, granting you a fresh and smooth skin. As for the body cream, it doesn’t really bleach the skin on your face, but it gives you a nice glow no matter your skin complexion.

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JRA Face Cream Benefits

1. It lightens the skin.

2. It is good for dry skin.

3. It softens the skin.

4. It clears black spots.

5. It clears pimples and other skin diseases.


JRA Face Cream Side Effects

1. It causes white spots.

2. It causes hyperpigmentation.

3. Not recommended for people with oily skin.


How to Identify Fake JRA Face Cream

A fake JRA face cream has a light blue cover and may not have a creamy consistency like the original.


JRA Body and Face Cream Ingredients

Shea butter, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), stearic acid, cetearyl alcohol, dyes, honey fragrance, water, almond oil, white oil, beeswax, petroleum jelly, glycerol, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), Vitamin E (tocophenol).


Picture of original JRA cream
Picture of original JRA cream


Is JRA Facial Cream Good?

Yes, it is good, depending on the kind of skin you have. One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to reviewing creams and soaps is that what may work for one person may not work for another person. Yes, I didn’t like the JRA face cream because it didn’t work on my skin the way I wanted, but that’s my skin. And yours may be different. Because I’ve seen many dark-skinned people recommending it on Facebook.


How long Does it Take for JRA to work?

It usually takes about two weeks before you start seeing the effects of JRA. Yes, it’s that fast.


Does JRA Lighten Skin?

Yes, it does. It lightens the skin due to the ingredients in it.


Is JRA for all Skin Types?

No, definitely not. It’s not for all skin types. While some people may testify about the goodness of the cream, other people may not be too eager to talk good about it, and it all boils down to the different skin types we have.

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Does JRA remove pimples?

Yes, JRA cream removes pimples. That’s one aspect I genuinely liked about the face cream. It cleared all the pimples on my face. But if you go to online forums and even Facebook, you’ll see people saying it gave them pimples. But as for me, it cleared the pimples on my face.


Which Country Made JRA?

JRA cream is made in Ghana.


How do You Use JRA Cream?

Now, I’ll show you the right way to use JRA cream so that it won’t bleach your skin or give you sunburn:

– You must use JRA after a bath. You can use it once a day, but if you want quick results, use it twice a day.

– Use JRA at night. Then in the morning after a bath, use a sunscreen, but if you don’t have sunscreen, use your normal cream, and your skin will not get sunburned but it will lighten.



Face Cream:

1. Dry your face with a clean towel.

2. Take a pea-sized scoop of the cream with your index finger.

3. Put it on your palm and rub your palms together.

4. Rub it on your face.

Body cream:

1. Press a pea-sized lotion onto your palms.

2. Rub your palms together and then rub it all over your skin.


Does JRA have a soap?

Yes, it does. JRA has an organic black soap.


Is JRA Body Cream Good For Fair Skin?

JRA body is good for all skin types, including fair skin. One of my light-skinned customers used to use it and it suited her skin so well.

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Can I use JRA Face Cream on my Body?

JRA Face Cream is specifically formulated for the face, but you can still use it on your body. But that will be a waste because the lotion is in a tiny container and it’s quite expensive compared to the body cream, which is more.


Does JRA body cream contain Hydroquinone?

No, it doesn’t contain Hydroquinone.


Does JRA Cream Contain Mercury?

No, it doesn’t contain Mercury. Mercury is harmful and should not be in any creams, lotions, serums, or soaps.


JRA Face Cream Price in Nigeria

It costs about 3,000. But prices may vary in different locations.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, JRA Foundation Body and Face Cream is a skincare product made in Ghana that has gained popularity for its skin-lightening and complexion-correcting properties. However, the effectiveness of this cream varies from person to person, with some users experiencing benefits like the clearing of pimples and black spots, while others have reported side effects such as white spots and hyperpigmentation. The JRA body cream is generally well-received for its ability to provide a nice glow to the skin without bleaching it.

The suitability of JRA cream depends on individual skin types. While some people may find it beneficial, it may not work as effectively for others. When using JRA cream, follow the recommended application steps to minimize potential side effects like skin lightening.

JRA cream can be a good choice for those looking to address specific skin concerns, but understand your skin type and perform a patch test before extended use. There is a genuine JRA product in the market with specific packaging, and you should be aware of how to identify a genuine product. As with any skincare product, individual results may vary, so exercise caution and conduct thorough research before deciding to incorporate JRA cream into your skincare routine.

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