22 Disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness

Nivea Natural Fairness, also known as Nivea Perfect and Radiant is a body lotion meant to lighten your skin and make it naturally fairer.

Nivea Natural Fairness acts as a gentle guardian for your skin, designed to bring out your skin’s natural radiance and even out your tone, all while providing protection. This product typically includes a blend of moisturizing agents, vitamins, and plant extracts in its ingredients, working together to provide hydration and promote a more even complexion.

Additionally, some variants of Nivea’s fairness lotions contain sunscreens to shield your skin from UV radiation, contributing to a brighter and more even skin tone. Nivea products are formulated for different skin types, so you should select a product that suits your skin type to prevent potential issues or allergies.

To use the lotion effectively, apply it to clean and dry skin, typically on your face and body, following the usage instructions on the product packaging. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of fairness lotions can vary depending on factors like your skin type, consistent use, and individual differences, so maintain realistic expectations.

Furthermore, to avoid any adverse reactions, it’s wise to perform a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying the lotion more widely, especially if you have sensitivities to certain skincare ingredients. Skincare is a personal choice, and what works for one person may not work for another.


Nivea Natural Fairness
Nivea Natural Fairness


Can I use Nivea Natural Fairness on my Face?

Yes, you can use Nivea Natural Fairness on your face, provided you don’t have oily skin, as this cream was formulated with a lot of oils to moisturize the skin.

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Disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness

Although Nivea Natural Fairness is a good cream, it still has some disadvantages that may or may not happen to you, depending on your skin type. They include:

1. Risk of skin irritation.

2. Possible allergic reactions to ingredients.

3. Uneven skin lightening results.

4. Temporary effects that may require continuous use.

5. High cost compared to basic moisturizers.

6. Risk of excessive skin lightening.

7. May not address underlying skin issues.

8. Not suitable for all skin types.

9. Limited effectiveness on deep-set pigmentation.

10. Sun sensitivity, requiring extra sunscreen use.

11. Harsh chemicals in some skin lightening products.

12. Potential dependence on the product.

13. Limited regulation and quality control in some regions.

14. Possible side effects like redness or dryness.

15. Slow results that may take weeks to show.

16. May not completely eliminate dark spots.

17. Not a substitute for a balanced skincare routine.

18. Psychological implications related to skin color.

19. Ethical concerns about promoting fairer skin.

20. Potential long-term health risks from certain ingredients.

21. It may not even lighten the skin. Even though it claims to be a skin lightening lotion, it may not lighten the skin.

22. Sunburn due to skin lightening.


Is it still advisable for me to continue using Nivea Natural Fairness?

Though you may have read the disadvantages, it does not mean they will happen to you. In fact, none of them may likely happen to you. Most are just possibilities. So, go ahead and give it a try, but not before doing a patch test to ascertain you’re not allergic to the cream. Whether you should use Nivea Natural Fairness or not depends on your specific skin needs and goals. If you want to have lighter skin or you want your skin to be lighter than it already is, by all means, use it. But if that’s not what you want, then don’t use it. Besides, I’ve used this cream before, and it didn’t lighten my skin or cause any unpleasant reactions. I noticed that my skin was well moisturized and softer.

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22 Disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness
22 Disadvantages of Nivea Natural Fairness


What Soap can I use with Nivea Natural Fairness?

It’s best to use Nivea creme soap, as it’s made by Nivea. The soap and the cream will work together to give you a smooth and fresh complexion. But if you want to lighten your skin, you can use it with skin lightening soaps like BB Clear lightening soap.


Which oil can I mix with Nivea Natural Fairness?

It’s not necessary to mix any oil with Nivea Natural Fairness, as the cream is already oily. But if you have super dry skin or it’s during the harmattan season, then you can mix it with pears baby oil. But if you want to lighten your skin, mix it with carotone oil.


What can I mix with Nivea Natural Fairness?

There’s really no need to mix anything with Nivea Natural Fairness, but if you have a specific goal like skin lightening, then you should consider adding Olivera face cream. Be careful, as it may bleach your skin.


How can I Identify fake and original Nivea products?

To identify fake and original Nivea products, consider the following tips:

1. Purchase from Trusted Retailers: Buy Nivea products from reputable retailers, such as well-known stores, pharmacies, or Nivea’s official website. Avoid purchasing from street markets or unauthorized online sellers.

2. Packaging: Examine the packaging for spelling errors, unusual fonts, or inconsistencies in logo design. Genuine Nivea products typically have high-quality, consistent packaging.

3. Check for a Barcode: Authentic Nivea products often have a barcode on the packaging. Verify that it is present and scan it if possible to ensure it matches Nivea’s database.

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4. Seal and Tamper-Evident Packaging: Genuine Nivea products usually come with a seal or tamper-evident packaging. If it’s broken or missing, consider it a red flag.

5. Product Color and Texture: Be familiar with the color, texture, and scent of the specific Nivea product you are using. Any significant deviations could indicate a counterfeit.

6. Examine Labels and Ingredients: Counterfeit products may have incorrect ingredient lists or labels that differ from the genuine product. Cross-check this information with Nivea’s official website.

7. Price: If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious of heavily discounted Nivea products, as they might be counterfeit.

8. Research Seller Reputation: If buying online, research the seller’s reputation and read customer reviews. Be wary of sellers with a high number of negative reviews or a lack of information about their business.

9. Serial Numbers or Holograms: Some Nivea products have unique serial numbers or holograms for authentication. Check for these features and verify their authenticity with Nivea if in doubt.

10. Contact Nivea: If you suspect a product is fake, contact Nivea’s customer service or visit their official website for guidance on how to verify the authenticity of the product.



Nivea Natural Fairness is a good product from Nivea, better than most of its competitors products in the market, but it doesn’t come without it’s fair share of disadvantages or side effects. Which may include; risk of excessive lightening (bleaching), risk of allergies etc. This doesn’t happen to everyone and it is still a very good cream to use.

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