Precious Perfect Radiance White Lotion Review

Precious Perfect Radiance White helped me maintain my lovely chocolate skin and left its long-lasting, wonderful fragrance. Apart from its unique and appealing design of purple, white, and green, Precious Perfect is indeed a unique and intoxicating body lotion.

The lotion is specially designed to enhance beauty, a true treasure for black and mixed skin. Composed of fruit acids and radiance white, it ensures a gradual, rapid, and long-lasting lightening of your skin.Blemishes fade, unifying your skin tone while moisturizing and nourishing it, resulting in scented, soft, glowing skin.

And the best part? It suits all skin types. It doesn’t matter if you’re fair, black, or chocolate; Precious Perfect is the perfect lotion for you. It’s my mom’s favorite lotion, and it makes her glow and smell very good.

Precious Perfect is manufactured by Rodis, a cosmetic company in Lome, Togo. It has proven to be effective and exceptional. Come with me as I explore this wonderful cream and all its amazing benefits.

Precious Perfect Radiance White lotion review
Precious Perfect Radiance White lotion review


Benefits of Using Precious Perfect

There are so many exceptional benefits of using this wonderful body lotion. This lotion is really on another level when it comes to skincare. Some of the benefits include:

1. Smooth Skin: Most people who use Precious Perfect will attest to clean and shiny skin. It’s not a coincidence.

2. It unifies your complexion: If your complexion is like a coat of many colors, prolonged use of Precious Perfect over a long period of time will revert it back to normal. Don’t believe me? Then try it for yourself.

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3. Packed with vitamins: On the bottle of the cream, it’s written that it’s enriched with vitamins, which is obvious from the ingredients. These vitamins nourish your skin, need I say more?

4. Fades Blemishes: It fades dark spots on your skin when used for a very long time. If you’re patient enough, you should see evidence after a year.

5. It moisturizes the skin: If you really need supple skin that looks healthy and not dry, use Precious Perfect.

6. It stops hyperpigmentation: Have you recently been using terrible bleaching creams that have messed with your complexion? Then use Precious Perfect to revert back to your original complexion.

7. Soothing Fragrance: It has a pretty strong fragrance that can last on your skin for up to 12 hours.


How to Use Precious Perfect Radiance White

Using Precious Perfect Radiance White lotion is typically straightforward. Here are some general steps for using a cream or lotion:

1. Cleanse Your Skin: Start with clean, dry skin. You can use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and oils or preferably, bathe.

2. Patch Test: If you’re trying it for the first time, it’s a good idea to do a patch test on a small area of your skin to check for any adverse reactions.

3. Dispense the Cream: Squeeze or pump the appropriate amount of cream or lotion onto your fingertips. The amount you need depends on the area of your body you’re applying it to.

4. Apply: Gently apply Precious Perfect Radiance White to the target area. Use upward or circular motions. Be sure to massage it into your skin.

5. Allow Absorption: Give the cream some time to absorb into your skin. A few minutes is often sufficient.

6. Frequency: Follow the instructions on the cream regarding how often to use it. It is supposed to be applied twice a day, in the morning and at night.

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8. Wash Hands: After applying the cream or lotion, wash your hands to remove any product residue.

9. Storage: Properly store your Precious Perfect lotion, which may involve keeping it in a cool, dry place and sealing the container tightly.


Precious Perfect Side Effects

If you have very sensitive skin, you might want to avoid Precious Perfect lotion because it contains a lot of acids your skin may be allergic to.

1. It may bleach the skin: Though Precious Perfect is not a bleaching cream, on some people’s skin it may react and set off bleaching reactions. While researching this cream, I came across a woman who swore it bleached her skin with pictures.

2. Most people said they had to use it with sunscreen because it was darkening their skin. This goes to show how different people’s skins are.

3. The smell is nauseous: While I may praise the lovely smell of Precious Perfect, most people will not be able to stand the smell. A pregnant woman on a private Facebook group said it made her throw up.

4. It causes allergic reactions: A few people have said they had some form of rashes on their skin after using it.


Is Precious Perfect a Bleaching Cream

No it is not a bleaching cream. Because it didn’t bleach my skin or my mom’s skin, but I’ve seen people on forums and Facebook say that it bleached their skin. But in my opinion, it’s not a Bleaching Cream.


Precious Perfect Lotion Ingredients

They include:

– Vitamin E

– Vitamin B5

– Vitamin C

– Demineralized water

– Paraffinum liquidum

– Stearic acid

– Cetyl and stearyl alcohol

– Glycerin

– Propylene glycol

– Sodium metabisulfite

– Cocos nucifera oil

– Argan oil

– Carrot oil

– Rose hip oil

– Sodium lactate

– Lactic acid


– Butyrospermum Parkii butter

– Theobroma cacao seed butter

– Citric acid

– Radiance white

– UV protection

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– Fragrance


How Good is Precious Perfect for Fair Skin

Precious Perfect is very good for fair skin. It makes the skin glow and gives a lovely, summer shine. Precious Perfect Radiance White does not darken light skin or lighten it, except if you have super sensitive skin. It makes the skin luminous and helps maintain a perfect complexion.


How to Know Original Precious Perfect Radiance White

1. The seal of an original Precious Perfect Radiance White is not broken.

2. The cover is a deep purple.

3. It has only five colors: white, purple, light purple, green, and black.

4. It has the Rodis logo at the bottom in the shape of a star.

5. It has a sleek streamlined design.

6. The lotion itself is white, not brown, orange, or any other color.


How much is Precious Perfect Cream in Nigeria

It costs 2000 naira now with inflation. Depends on where you stay.


Is Precious Perfect Good for Dark Skin

Yes, it suits dark-skinned people too. It helps to maintain the ebony complexion of darker-skinned Africans. It also hydrates and makes dark skin shiny.


Does Precious Perfect Contain Hydroquinone

No, it doesn’t. Hydroquinone is dangerous and is not in Precious Perfect Radiance White lotion.



In conclusion, Precious Perfect Radiance White is a versatile body lotion with a range of benefits for various skin types. Its unique design and enticing fragrance, combined with the use of fruit acids and radiance white, make it an exceptional choice for maintaining and enhancing one’s skin. While it offers a multitude of advantages, such as smoothing the skin, unifying the complexion, and providing essential vitamins, it’s important to be mindful of potential side effects and perform a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Whether you have fair, dark, or mixed skin, Precious Perfect caters to diverse skin tones, and it does not contain hydroquinone. The lotion’s suitability for both fair and dark skin ensures that it can contribute to a healthy and glowing complexion. It’s good to follow the recommended usage instructions and store the lotion properly to maximize its effectiveness.

Precious Perfect Radiance White offers a promising skincare solution with the potential to enhance your skin’s radiance, making it a valuable addition to your beauty routine.



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