Zee Black Soap Review

Zee Black Soap worked wonders on my face by clearing my large pores. I’ve battled clogged pores that appeared whitish and dry for as long as I can remember. It was a source of significant insecurity, and I grew tired of explaining my skin issues to people. I tried a multitude of products, from lotions to serums, and nothing seemed to make a difference. Then, just last week, I stumbled upon a blog recommending Zee Black Soap. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. The results were nothing short of astonishing. Even after a one-month hiatus due to budget constraints, my skin remained in good condition. However, I decided to experiment further based on online advice. Mixing Zee Black Soap with Aloe Vera proved to be a game-changer (I’ll detail the process in this article). Normally, when I use Zee Black Soap alone, my skin tends to become dry, but with Aloe Vera, it felt more moisturized. If it weren’t for the cost and my current financial situation, I wouldn’t even consider using any other soap. Additionally, the packaging proudly claims that it can cure skin infections, and online testimonials seem to agree. What’s more, it doesn’t bleach the skin, making it suitable even as an aftershave for men. Now join me as I delve deeper into the world of this remarkable soap.

Zee Black Soap Review
Zee Black Soap Review

What is the Work of Zee Black Soap?

Zee Black Soap is designed to prevent infections and promote the healing of damaged skin. It effectively eliminates harmful bacteria, leaving your skin healthy and clean. I also noticed that Zee Black Soap played a vital role in healing the white patches caused by Olivera Face cream on my skin.

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Zee Black Soap Benefits

– Clears pimples and whiteheads

– Smoothes the skin

– Acts as a bactericidal agent (eliminating harmful skin bacteria)

– Heals skin damage caused by bleaching creams

– Cures most skin infections

– Suitable for most skin types

– Prevents prickly heat rashes (I personally observed it alleviating heat rashes on my back)

– Eliminates body odor due to its bactericidal properties

– Maintains your skin complexion

– Clears eczema


Zee Black Soap Side Effects

Zee Black Soap has minimal side effects unless you’re allergic to it. However, there are a few aspects I didn’t particularly like. It tends to dry out the skin, necessitating the use of lotion after bathing. Additionally, the fragrance resembles that of a popular laundry soap, which may not be to everyone’s liking.


Zee Black Soap Price in Nigeria

Previously priced at ₦150, Zee Black Soap now costs ₦300 for a single bar due to recent inflation. A pack of the soap typically costs around ₦1800.


Is Zee Black Soap Suitable for Fair Skin?

Absolutely. Individuals with fair skin can confidently use Zee Black Soap, as it helps maintain their skin complexion. Zee Black Soap is inclusive and doesn’t discriminate based on skin tone, which is one of its standout qualities.


Zee Black Soap Ingredients

Zee Black Soap boasts an all-natural composition, including:

– Native Black Soap base

– Palm kernel oil

– Raw Shea butter (rich in vitamins)

– Cocoa pad ash (botanic potash)

– Palm bunch ash solution (botanic potash)

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– Aqua

– Native Honey

– Camwood (Osun)

– Fragrance

– Aloe Vera


How to Identify Genuine Zee Black Soap

An authentic Zee Black Soap comes in a yellow pack, a medium shade of yellow.

Original Zee Black Soap is always enclosed in a nylon wrapper within the packaging. If the soap lacks this protective covering, it may have been used or is not genuine.


Is Zee Black Soap Beneficial for the Skin?

Indeed, Zee Black Soap is highly beneficial for the skin. It is meticulously formulated with natural ingredients to bestow a pampered and healthy look to the skin. It suits most skin types.


Is Zee Black Soap a Medicated Soap?

No, Zee Black Soap is not considered a medicated soap.


Is Zee Black Soap Suitable for the Face?

Yes, Zee Black Soap is specifically designed for facial use.


Does Zee Black Soap Darken the Skin?

No, it does not darken the skin. While some individuals may claim otherwise, my personal experience, along with that of many others, suggests that Zee Black Soap does not darken the skin.


Is Zee Soap Effective for Pimples?

Certainly, it is highly effective for pimples. Individuals dealing with stubborn acne can rely on Zee Black Soap for relief. However, if it proves ineffective, consulting a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and care may be necessary.


Is Zee Soap a Bleaching Soap?

No, Zee Black Soap is not a bleaching soap. In fact, it is formulated to repair and heal skin that has been damaged by bleaching agents.

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Zee Black Soap Review
Zee Black Soap Review

Does Zee Soap Lighten the Skin?

No, it does not have skin-lightening properties.


What Are the Potential Side Effects of Zee Soap on the Face?

In my personal experience, I have not encountered any side effects on my face while using Zee Black Soap. However, some individuals may report:

1. Allergic reactions

2. Redness of the face

3. Facial itchiness


Is Zee Black Soap Actually Black?

No, it is not truly black. Instead, it has an ashy brown color, much like most Black Soaps.


Can Zee Black Soap Be Used on Babies?

I would advise against using it on babies, as it may prove too harsh for their delicate skin. Instead, consider doctor-recommended options like Pears baby soap or consult with a healthcare professional for guidance.



In conclusion, Zee Black Soap stands as an exceptional choice for all skin types. Like all soaps, consistent use is essential to fully reap its benefits. Additionally, be cautious not to overuse it, as it may lead to skin dryness. Using it twice a day and applying lotion afterward, especially if you notice skin dryness, is a good practice.”

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