Does Micellar Water Remove Eyelash Glue?


Can micellar water remove eyelash glue
Can micellar water remove eyelash glue?


Can Micellar water remove eyelash glue?

Micellar water is not specifically designed to remove eyelash glue, and its effectiveness in doing so can vary depending on the type and strength of the glue used. While micellar water can effectively remove makeup and surface impurities, it may not be sufficient to completely dissolve and remove strong adhesive substances like eyelash glue.

Eyelash glue is typically formulated to provide a long-lasting bond, which makes it more resistant to simple cleansing methods. Therefore, relying solely on micellar water may not fully remove eyelash glue from your lashes.

To effectively remove eyelash glue, it is generally recommended to use specific adhesive removers or oil-based cleansers. These products are designed to break down the adhesive properties of the glue, allowing it to be easily and safely removed from the lashes.

If you are attempting to remove eyelash extensions or strip lashes that have been applied with strong adhesive, it is best to follow the instructions provided by the lash technician or seek professional assistance. They can use appropriate products and techniques to safely dissolve the glue without causing damage to your natural lashes.

Using excessive force or pulling on the lashes to remove glue can lead to lash breakage or damage. Taking proper care and using suitable products for adhesive removal can help maintain the health and appearance of your lashes.


Steps to Safely Remove Eyelash Glue with Micellar Water

While micellar water may not be the most effective method for removing eyelash glue, if you still wish to try using it, here’s a step-by-step guide for safely attempting removal:

1. Choose the right micellar water: Opt for a gentle micellar water that is suitable for sensitive skin. Look for micellar water that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients and is formulated for makeup removal.

2. Soak a cotton pad: Take a cotton pad or round and saturate it with micellar water. Make sure the pad is damp but not dripping wet.

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3. Place the cotton pad on your closed eyelid: Gently press the soaked cotton pad onto your closed eyelid, ensuring it covers the area where the eyelash glue is applied. Leave it on for a few seconds to allow the micellar water to start breaking down the glue.

4. Gently swipe the cotton pad: After a few seconds, start gently swiping the cotton pad across your eyelid in a downward motion. Use light pressure and avoid rubbing or tugging on your lashes.

5. Repeat if necessary: If the eyelash glue is not coming off easily, repeat the process by placing a fresh cotton pad soaked in micellar water on your eyelid and gently swiping it again. Be patient and avoid using excessive force.

6. Cleanse the lashes: Once you have removed as much eyelash glue as possible with the micellar water, you can cleanse your lashes with a mild cleanser or rinse them with water to ensure any residue is removed.

Remember, micellar water may not completely dissolve and remove strong eyelash glue, especially if it is a long-lasting adhesive. It’s important to be cautious and gentle during the removal process to avoid causing damage to your natural lashes. If you encounter difficulties or if the eyelash glue persists, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance or use specialized adhesive removers for safe and effective removal.


Alternative Methods to Remove Eyelash Glue

If you’re looking for alternative methods to remove eyelash glue, here are a few techniques and products that can be effective:

1. Oil-based cleansers: Oil-based cleansers, such as coconut oil, olive oil, or specific makeup removers formulated with oils, can help break down the adhesive properties of eyelash glue. Apply a small amount of the oil-based cleanser to a cotton pad or swab and gently rub it along the lash line to dissolve the glue. Rinse with water or follow up with a gentle cleanser to remove any residue.

2. Adhesive removers: There are specific adhesive removers available on the market that are designed to dissolve eyelash glue. These removers are formulated to break down the adhesive bond without causing damage to your natural lashes. Follow the instructions provided with the product for safe and effective use.

3. Steam or warm water: Steaming your face or using warm water can help soften the eyelash glue, making it easier to remove. You can either hold your face over a bowl of warm water or use a warm towel to gently press against your closed eyes. After a few minutes, try gently peeling off the eyelash extensions or use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water or an oil-based cleanser to remove any remaining glue.

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4. Lash extension cleansers: If you have eyelash extensions and need to remove the adhesive, consider using a specialized lash extension cleanser. These cleansers are designed to dissolve the adhesive without compromising the extensions. Follow the instructions provided with the cleanser for safe and proper use.

5. Seek professional assistance: If you’re having difficulty removing the eyelash glue or if you want to ensure the safe removal of eyelash extensions, it’s best to seek professional assistance. A lash technician or esthetician can use proper techniques and products to safely dissolve and remove the glue without causing damage to your natural lashes.

You have to be gentle and patient when attempting to remove eyelash glue to avoid any unnecessary damage to your lashes. If you’re uncertain or experiencing difficulties, it’s always recommended to consult a professional.


Precautions and Tips for Using Micellar Water on Eyelash Glue

When using micellar water on eyelash glue, it’s essential to exercise caution and follow these precautions and tips for safe and successful removal:

1. Perform a patch test: Before using micellar water on your eyelashes, perform a patch test on a small area of your skin, preferably on the inner forearm. This helps to ensure that you don’t have any adverse reactions or allergies to the product.

2. Use a gentle micellar water: Choose a mild and gentle micellar water specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Look for products that are free from harsh ingredients, fragrances, and alcohol, as these can cause irritation and dryness.

3. Be patient and gentle: Avoid rubbing or tugging aggressively on your eyelashes when using micellar water. Be patient and allow the product to work its way into the eyelash glue. Gently swipe the soaked cotton pad or round along the lash line, taking care not to pull on your lashes.

4. Take breaks if needed: If you’re having difficulty removing the eyelash glue with micellar water, take breaks between attempts. This allows your lashes and the glue to relax, making removal easier. You can also try using other methods or products specifically designed for eyelash glue removal.

5. Avoid getting micellar water in your eyes: Although micellar water is generally gentle and safe to use around the eyes, it’s important to avoid direct contact with your eyes. If any product gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and seek medical attention if irritation persists.

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6. Follow up with a gentle cleanser: After using micellar water to remove eyelash glue, it’s a good idea to follow up with a gentle cleanser or rinse your face with water to ensure any residue is completely removed.

7. Seek professional assistance if needed: If you’re finding it challenging to remove the eyelash glue with micellar water or if you have concerns about potential damage to your natural lashes, it’s best to seek professional assistance from a lash technician or esthetician.

By following these precautions and tips, you can safely and effectively use micellar water for eyelash glue removal. However, keep in mind that micellar water may not completely dissolve strong adhesive, so alternative methods or products may be necessary for thorough removal.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Micellar Water and Eyelash Glue Removal

Q: Can micellar water be used to remove eye makeup?

A: Yes, micellar water is safe to use for removing eye makeup, including mascara and eyeliner. However, it is important to choose a micellar water specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. These products are usually labeled as “gentle” or “eye makeup remover.” Apply the micellar water to a cotton pad and gently swipe it over the closed eyes, repeating until the makeup is thoroughly removed.

Q: Is micellar water suitable for all skin types?

A: Yes, micellar water is generally suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is a gentle cleansing option that does not strip the skin of its natural oils. However, it’s always a good idea to check the label and choose a micellar water that is specifically formulated for your skin type or concerns.

Q: Can I use regular makeup remover to remove eyelash glue?

A: Regular makeup removers may not be as effective in removing eyelash glue, especially if it is waterproof or strong adhesive. It is recommended to use an oil-based makeup remover or micellar water specifically formulated for waterproof or long-wearing makeup. These products are better equipped to break down the glue and make it easier to remove.



While micellar water is an excellent choice for general makeup removal, it may not be the most suitable option for removing stubborn eyelash glue. Opt for specialized eyelash adhesive removers or oil-based cleansers specifically formulated for this purpose to ensure a safe and effective removal process without causing any harm to your natural lashes or delicate eye area.



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