Olivera face and body cream review (It gave me sunburn)

Olivera face cream brightened my face within a week but it gave me sunburn. I got introduced to olivera face cream some months ago and I was amazed it was already working wonders in the first week. I didn’t expect it especially as it cost little to nothing. The face cream was recommended to me by my friend who noticed my face was darker than other parts of my body. I was sceptical at first that it’s a bleaching cream as I don’t like bleaching creams but she says it will only evens out my complexion and I could see the evidence on her face (she had been using it) and it worked on her face pretty well after she used it for only a week. 

So, I too, decided to try it. In the first week my face was still as before but in the second week I started to see the changes. The cream lightened my face complexion. For reference I’m a medium brown skinnned Nigerian lady. I got compliments literally everywhere because of how light my skin was becoming but there was a problem, while the cream made me glow, I had breakouts of pimples on one side of my face.

But after five days they disappeared. When I told the friend who introduced the cream to me, she laughed and said is the cream eliminating the pimples on my face and that is the process. but I don’t know how true this is but I kept using for another week and it gave me sunburns and white patches and I discontinued use immediately.

Only bleaching creams can give the patches and sunburn Olivera gave me in my cheek area. So it’s safe to say Olivera is a bleaching cream. I’ve stopped using it, but now I use kernel oil and Jergen’s lotion to heal my skin.

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As for the body cream, it didn’t brighten my skin much. But during use, my skin looked fresher. So I recommend Olivera body cream.

Olivera face cream
Olivera face cream




Benefits of Olivera

1. It brightens the skin. Olivera face cream actually brightened my skin. For the few weeks I used, I got compliments from people that my skin is looking lighter before it started giving me sunburns.

2. Clear spots and blemishes. According to the ingredients on the face cream it is specially formulated to clear up your skin and acne spots that plague your skin. Though I won’t say it cleared all the spots in my face but the spots on my face were gradually fading.

3. Clears up pimples. Though the cream didn’t prevent pimples from appearing on my face, my friend said it cleard the pimples on her face and it’s true because I noticed since started using the cream, the white heads and pimples reduced. But it didn’t do the same on my face I think it’s because we have different skin types.

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Side effects of Olivera

1. It caused me white patches on my face

2. It’s not an ideal cream for dark skinned people like me.

3. It caused sunburn on my face.

4. My face became hyperpigmented when I used it.

5. It could cause allergies in most people who use it. So conduct a patch test before using.


What are the ingredients in Olivera face cream?

Olivera face cream ingredients:

Olive oil topical, glycerine topical, demineralised water topical, aloe vera topical, vitamin e topical, polyethylene glycol topical.

Body cream:

Sodium sulfite, aloe vera concentrate, AHA, fragrance, ascorbic acid, citric acid, sodium metabisulfite, methylparaben, olive oil, tocophenol acetate, water, cetyl stearylic acid, isopropyl myristate, glycerine, propylene glycol, petroleum, mineral oil.


What is the function of Olivera face cream?

1. It helps to get rid of pimples

2. It may even out hyperpigmentation in some people.

3. It lightens dark knuckles.

4. It lightens the armpit.


How much is Olivera face cream in Nigeria

The face cream costs 500 naira only but it may vary based on where you live.


How much is Olivera cream?

The Olivera body lotion is of two types.

The big size goes for 1,700 and the small size goes for 800 naira only.


What is the use of Olivera face cream?

The olivera face cream is used most especially to clear black spots that is primary use. However, you can also use it as an acne remover and some people used it to lighten the dark and tanner parts of their skin like their backside, knee, armpits and knuckles

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What is the use of Olivera body cream?

Olivera body cream is used to brighten your skin complexion. It is a unified body milk that doesn’t bleach and leaves your skin glowing.


Does Olivera cream clear stretch mark?

Yes it does if used consistently. It literally clear the stretch mark on my friends backside within five months of her using it.


Is Olivera cream a bleaching cream?

No it isn’t. It only brightens your complexion.


Does Olivera cream clear sunburn?

It didn’t clear my sunburn, instead it caused sunburn on my face. But someone told me it actually cleared my sunburn.


How do you use Olivera lotion?

1. After bath, press a little into your Palm

2. Rub your palm together and rub on your skin.

For the face cream;

1. Repeat the same process as above but use it only once a day, as using it more than will cause bad hyperpigmentation and bleaching.



Olivera face cream and body cream are perfect for clearing up blemishes, acne, sunburns and stretch mark. But it should be used in moderation. I don’t recommend using it while working under the sun. It is not very wise. You wouldn’t see the effects. And your skin is protecting you by tanning (getting darker when under the sun).

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